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Filipa Namora – Architecture and Interior Design is an office founded in 2018 that operates in the area of architecture and interior design, developing personalized and differentiated environments at a technical and aesthetic level. In 2022 a new segment was developed: Filipa Namora Studio that represents a set of internationally highly recognized and internationally referenced brands.

Perfection in Everything is the philosophy where we fit in with professionalism, experience, versatility and passion. With a vision that stands out for its design, we take an innovative and highly dedicated approach to design with extreme care to details and technical elements.

We promote a service defined by excellence

We have a clear understanding of design’s place in the world and how to integrate architectural projects into diverse markets.

We are always looking for interesting projects

We create and develop projects in different areas

Residential, commercial, and contract work. Each project is a project and is thought out in a unique way.


International Studio

Our success is driven by connecting the creative part with function and form, by constantly seeking the best and most appropriate solutions for each challenge posed. The focus is on achieving maximum value, building and creating high prestige projects.

We seek to promote a service marked by excellence both in our projects and in responding to the needs of our customers, focusing on high quality and elegance.

Elevate the Comfort and Design of your project.